When a loved one must make the difficult decision to transition from home care to hospice care, there will be several questions as to what exactly will change and what the transition will look like. Understanding this at the time of change can seem hard at first, but with the following advice, the process can be much smoother.


Caring, not curing.

When the transition begins from home care to hospice care, there is a shift in the way treatment is received. Home care focuses on assisting patients with their recovery and getting them back to performing their daily activities in the comfort of their home. Hospice care is a program intended to ease the pain patients experience at the end of their life. One can qualify for hospice care when a medical professional informs them of a disease or illness that limits their life. Hospice care is a service that has the capability to assist not only the patient, but also the loved ones who embark on this journey by their side. Patients may wish to receive hospice as an alternative to undergoing certain treatments or when a cure is unavailable. With this information in mind, the ultimate objective of both home health and hospice is to care, not to cure.


What services become available when transitioning from home care to hospice care?

While receiving home care, services are limited to what the physician considers essential to the recovery for the patient. However, when a patient transitions to hospice, a large number of new services become available to the patient if the patient chooses to receive them. There are a number of services that hospice care patients qualify for as they transition from home health to hospice. With the gift of hospice, patients can receive services such as:

Physician Services
Regular physician visits to oversee your care and ensure quality.

Nursing Services
Frequent visitation from both a registered nurse and nursing aids to provide a plethora of services.

Music Therapy
Healing, therapeutic services through our highly trained music therapists.

Massage Therapy
Treatment on muscles and soft tissues to ease discomfort from any pains.

Grief Counseling
Counseling to assist in the emotional, social, and physical response to end of life care.


These are just a few of the services offered through Aspire Hospice. To learn more, Patient Care Advocates can be reached at 801-396-5735.


What is the process of transitioning from home health to hospice?

The actual act of transitioning to hospice from home health is very simple. The first question that must be answered on this path is whether or not an individual qualifies for hospice services. Luckily, this question can be answered through a team effort between the patient’s preferred hospice provider and their physician. To get the process started, contact a local hospice provider such as Aspire Home Health & Hospice to discuss hospice. Through Aspire Hospice, a registered nurse will come directly into the home and provide a general assessment of the patient’s wellbeing and potential fit for hospice services. If the nurse believes that this individual does qualify, he or she will contact the patient’s physician to ensure they are all in agreement. Once all parties are on board, the nurse will come back into the home to admit the patient to hospice services. The whole process can be completed within a matter of hours if conditions are right.


Whether it’s home health or hospice care, Aspire Home Health & Hospice is here to help.

If you wish to learn more about our home health and hospice services, Aspire Home Health and Aspire Hospice provide more information about our treatment and the process to admit a loved one to our services. At Aspire Home Health and Hospice, you can rest assured that the needs you or a loved one have will be fulfilled to an exceptional standard, with an unwavering commitment towards mastering the benefits of these services.

Patient Care Advocates are standing by to hear your circumstances and will guide you towards the proper care of treatment. They can be reached by calling 801-396-5735.

Aspire Home Health & Hospice is here to give you and your family the ability to experience joy, to walk hand-in-hand with you on this journey of life, and to be your guide in receiving the care that you deserve.

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