There are many services available to home health patients, and they are all covered 100% by Traditional Medicare and several other insurance providers (so no cost to you!). The purpose of home health care is to help you regain your independence and to get you back on your feet, so all of the cares we provide are catered towards that overarching focus. Not every patient chooses to receive all the services ordered by their physician, but they are available to help our patients heal at a more accelerated rate than they would have been able to without.


Below is a list of the home health services we provide to our patients here at Aspire Home Health and Hospice:


Skilled Nursing—Our exceptional nurses come to your place of residence—whether it be a assisted living facility or in your home—to provide skilled nursing services. Nursing services can entail a wide range of services from pain management to wound care. We also recently introduced a holistic nurse to our team expanding our available resources.

Physical Therapy—As we stated previously, home health is meant to help you get your independence back, and physical therapy is a huge part of that. A physical therapist provides exercises and activities that can help an individual gain strength and balance.

Occupational Therapy—An occupational therapist’s goal is to help their patients maintain meaningful activities that are important to their lives. In home health, an occupational therapist is to assist with functioning in specifically bathing and grooming. Occupational therapy may involve instructions or assistance on how to safely perform certain activities.

Speech Therapy—This service is designed to assist patients facing swallowing and communication disorders. Speech therapy can be a very life changing service for individuals who have difficulties speaking and eating.

Certified Nursing Assistant—Under the direction of our nurses, our certified nursing assistants are available to visit you and provide aide services which may include bathing or grooming. Aides are also available to assist you with additional services which can encompass light house cleaning and cooking.

Social Work—Many of our patients spend time evaluating the life they lived and what emotions they may still be holding onto. Social work is provided to patients to help face these feelings and provide a safe space to discuss openly and hopefully reduce any lingering emotional pain. Social workers are also trained in helping individuals find additional community resources.


All these services are provided 100% by Traditional Medicare and many other insurance plans. Give Aspire Home Health a call and one of our senior health advocates will be happy to provide guidance to you on the matter.

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