Home health—it’s a term most of us have heard, but how many of us really understand what its purpose is?


In our previous blog post, What Does Home Health Do? (https://aspireutah.com/what-does-home-health-care-do/), we discussed the ins and outs of the services provided through home health care. We also talked about when it would be appropriate to seek out home health services. But in this blog, we want to focus more on the point of home health.


Home Health—simply stated—is meant to help you regain your independence.


Regaining Your Independence


When an individual is confronted with illness or injury, it can be extremely difficult to maintain their previous level of independence. This can be frustrating for a number of reasons including having to rely on others for personal care, needing to change one’s routine, and losing quality of life. These obstacles can also drastically affect one’s mental health and ability to cope with change. In short, losing your independence is a difficult challenge to endure.


That is why home health exists.


Home health professionals range from registered nurses to rehabilitative therapists. These professionals come into your home and build a restorative plan tailored to you, your needs, and your health goals. As a result, your home health providers help to minimize the stress associated with your recovery.


On top of all that, home health services are paid 100% by Medicare and many other insurance plans. All you have left to do is contact Aspire, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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