One of the services we offer our Home Health patients at Aspire Home Health and Hospice is occupational therapy.  Before I began working at Aspire, I hadn’t even heard of occupational therapy, and I’ve noticed that many people are in the same boat.  Despite its status as one of our most popular services, there is still a great deal of confusion around occupational therapy.  So, this blog will go over what occupational therapy is, why we offer it, and what our patients get out of it.

Photo of Nurse helping senior woman in lifting dumbbell at retirement home during the day. Senior woman with dumbbells in rehab with a physiotherapist smiling. Physiotherapist helps elderly woman with healthy dumbbell training in rehab or home in the kitchen while sitting at table.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is using assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities, or occupations, of individuals, groups, or communities.  Therapists can apply this type of therapy to a wide range of activities or occupations.  Occupational therapy was commonly used during World War 1 to help injured soldiers maintain use of their fingers and increase their dexterity.


Why Does Aspire Offer Occupational Therapy?

Home health patients are typically recovering from surgeries, injuries, or have medical conditions that make it impossible or unsafe for them to leave their homes.  Occupational therapy can help ensure these patients’ living spaces are safe and assist them in regaining or maintaining the skills to navigate their homes safely.  Once they establish general safety, therapists will usually shift focus to helping their patients thrive.  Our patients can regain or maintain their independence through occupational therapy and decrease their reliance on caregivers or private pay practitioners (you can learn the differences between home health and private pay in this blog).

A senior male patient sitting and exercising his hand with a physical therapy device next to a occupational therapist.

What Do Patients Get Out of Occupational Therapy?

The goal of occupational therapy is independence and capability.  We want to help our patients get to the point of confidently doing all of their regular daily tasks without outside help–this will improve their physical health and mental health.


Occupational therapy is just one of the excellent services we offer at Aspire Home Health & Hospice.  To learn about more of our services, check out this blog!

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