Hospice is one of the most misunderstood facets of healthcare.  Because of this misunderstanding, several myths surround this outstanding service.  In this blog, I’d like to take a moment to dispel these myths and set the record straight.  First, I’ll name the myth, then counter it with the truth.

Myth:  Hospice is a death sentence

Many people believe that because this service takes place at the end of a person’s life, that must mean that it is a death sentence.  This belief, however, is not valid.

Fact: This care does not mean the patient is giving up

Hospice allows a person at the end of their life to live their final days with as much peace and comfort as they can.  Through these services, they experience relief from pain, reduced anxiety, and have more time to celebrate their life and spend time with their loved ones.  It isn’t giving up; it’s finding acceptance, closure, comfort, and peace.

Myth:  This service hastens death

Because this care occurs at the end of life, many people believe it makes people die faster.  Fortunately, this belief is also not true.

Fact:  Hospice does not hasten death

The goal of hospice is not to prolong life or hasten death. Instead, hospice’s goal is to ensure a terminally ill patient is as physically, mentally, and spiritually comfortable.  Some studies also show that this service can lead to prolonged survival rates by managing pain and symptoms. Of course, as this isn’t hospice’s goal, it is not a guarantee.  But those studies do indicate that hospice does not hasten death.

Myth:  Hospice is a place like a hospital

Many people hold the belief that hospice is an in-patient facility.  While those facilities do exist, it isn’t necessarily the norm.

Fact: This care is a service

The majority of patients receive hospice care in the comfort of their own homes. So whether you or your loved one lives at home, in a nursing facility, or a retirement home, these services can come to you!

Myth:  This type of care is expensive

Many people hold the belief that hospice care is expensive.  This belief is understandable, as most services in the healthcare system in the United States are undoubtedly costly.  However, this service is not one of them.

Fact:  Hospice is not expensive

Hospice care is covered entirely by Traditional Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurance companies.  Even if you didn’t have insurance, this care often costs significantly less than traditional medical care during the final months of a patient’s life.

As a quality care provider in Utah, we know that deciding to begin this care is not easy. So, when the time is right, let Aspire Home Health and Hospice be your partner in helping you or a loved one live out the remainder of their life to the fullest.

Contact us today if you believe that you or someone you love could benefit from hospice care. We’re here to answer any questions you may have — no matter what you decide!

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