Hospice is a service that benefits millions of people every year.  But, when you google the word “hospice,” several of the most common questions are along the lines of, “what does hospice mean?”  This blog is an answer to that question. So, today, I’ll explain what hospice is in a way that will hopefully clear up any confusion.

What is Hospice?

When most people think of healthcare, they’ll think of a doctor trying to help patients heal from various illnesses and injuries.  But, what about the patients who have terminal illnesses?  What about patients who are in pain and suffering from a condition that won’t go away?  In cases like these, continuing to attempt to cure their disease will almost certainly result in more suffering and pain. For example, many treatments for chronic conditions, like chemotherapy, are incredibly hard on the body.  So, in many cases, patients would prefer to feel comfort and peace rather than fighting an impossible battle.  This philosophy is the one from which hospice evolved.  Rather than continuing to fight and cure a terminal illness, this service embraces the end of a person’s life as a natural part of their journey. Thus, hospice offers patients comfort and relief from their pain to experience happiness rather than exhaustion and suffering during their final days.

What Services are Included?

The quality and variety of services a patient can receive on hospice will vary with each agency.  There is a list of services they must offer by requirement from Medicare, and many agencies will only provide those.  But, at Aspire Home Health and Hospice, we believe our patients should be able to choose the services they feel are best for them.  That’s why we offer services like music therapy and massage therapy to our hospice patients.  Not only do these services assist in pain relief, but they also increase a patient’s general happiness.  Because our vision is “Aspiring to be a positive influence for humanity,” we believe in going above and beyond in our service.  We strive to make each patient’s experience as happy and comfortable as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about Aspire Home Health and Hospice’s services, please give us a call today!

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