There are many services that are available to hospice patients, and they are all covered 100% by Medicare and several other insurance providers (so no cost to you!). At Aspire Hospice, we offer a broad range of services all of which are offered exclusively in your home. Not every hospice patient chooses to receive them all, but they are there to cater to the various needs of our patients.


Below is a list of the services we offer:


Physician—All hospice patients receive care overseen by a practicing physician. As the patient, you are able to choose if you want to use your primary physician or one of our physicians. These physicians are meant to oversee and personally direct the coordination of your care.


Skilled Nursing—Our exceptional nurses come to your place of residence—whether it be a facility or in your home—to provide skilled nursing services. Nursing services can entail a wide range of services from pain management to wound care. We also recently introduced a holistic nurse to our team should you desire this type of nursing.


Certified Nursing Assistant—Under the direction of our nurses, our Certified Nursing Assistants are available to visit you and provide aide services which may include bathing or grooming. If you need more assistance then our aides can provide, aide services may be supplemented by private pay companies should you choose to pay for those services.


Chaplain—While receiving end-of-life care, many patients spend time pondering on a life after. Meant to provide spiritual guidance during these times, chaplain services are available to all hospice patients regardless of religious orientation. If you do not wish to receive chaplain services, you are not obligated to do so.


Social Work—Similar to chaplain work, many people facing end-of-life situations spend time evaluating the life they lived and what emotions they may still be holding on it. Social work is provided to hospice patients to help face these feelings and provide a safe space to discuss openly and hopefully reduce any lingering emotional pain.


Volunteer—A volunteer coordinator works to find volunteers who are willing to spend time with hospice patients. This service is provided to help enrich the life of our patients and ensure they are not lonely during these difficult times.


These services are the core services paid for by Medicare and provided by hospice agencies. However, our services do not stop there. Aspire Hospice is dedicated to the hospice healing process and for this purpose, provides additional services for free:


Massage Therapy—Who doesn’t love a great massage? We provide a massage therapist to come into your home and provide services. Massage therapy is known for its holistic healing remedies. Aspire considers this service essential in the hospice healing process.


Music Therapy—Music therapy is an evidence-based, clinical use of music interventions and is one of the most requested services at Aspire Hospice. Often, this therapy is used to help the patient with social interaction, anxiety and depression relief, life review, relaxation interventions, and pain management.


This should give you an idea of what incredible services are available at no cost to the consumer under the hospice benefit. Connect with Aspire if you feel you qualify for hospice or would like to learn more about what we can do for you.

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