A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations representing your dreams and desires.  They’re designed to give you inspiration and motivation for the coming stage(s) of your life.  Personally, I like creating a new vision board once a year.  I normally do it around the beginning of April, so I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to include on mine.  Let’s go through a few of the biggest benefits of creating a vision board with your senior family member.


Give Life New Meaning

After retirement, many seniors have difficulty feeling purpose and direction.  This is a very understandable and even expected feeling for someone going through a major life change.  Creating a collage full of their dreams, goals, and aspirations can help keep them motivated and happy through this new phase of their life.

Vision Board

Give Clarity

I frequently have a hard time knowing for sure what the next step I should take is.  There’s something about physically putting together a vision board that helps clear up any uncertainty one might have about what they want to do next in their life.  Especially for someone going through a major life change, a vision board is a great way to give clarity and dehaze the path forward.


Stay Positive

Vision boards, being a collage of dreams and goals, are a conduit of positivity.  They help people keep their minds on all of the things they want to do in the coming days/months/years.  I personally feel very positive when I think about things I want to do, and that positivity is multiplied when I turn those aspirations into a physical board.

Stay Positive


Stay Motivated

I mentioned earlier that I usually make my yearly vision board in April.  I’ve always had a really hard time staying motivated through the summer.  But for the three years I’ve created my vision boards, I have been able to stay motivated through the summer and autumn and well into winter.  Having a physical board that YOU designed is a great method of motivation.


Track Progress

Having a physical representation of your goals and dreams is a great way to keep track of which ones you’ve accomplished and which ones you’d like to work on next.  When making goals, it’s very important to be able to track them, and a vision board is a really effective way of doing that in a creative, visual way.


Promote Creativity

Designing a vision board is a lot of fun and helps you think creatively.  For seniors and those transitioning to retirement, having a creative outlet in the form of a project like this can be very beneficial in a multitude of ways, particularly in helping the mind stay creative and active.  One of my favorite things to do when creating a vision board is giving it a color palette and making it look as aesthetically pleasing as I can.  This year, I’m going to stick to a green color.  For me, this symbolizes my goals centered around growth and development.

Stay Creative

Enhance Happiness

The feeling of accomplishment just for creating something so personal is enough to promote happiness, but that’s just the first feeling of accomplishment that comes with creating a vision board.  Being able to look at it anytime and see all the progress that has been made is one of the best feelings I can think of.


A vision board is an opportunity to create something that is personal, useful, and beautiful.  This can be incredibly beneficial for your senior family members.  We’d love to hear about the goals and ideas you have for your vision boards you plan on making with them.  Let us know any ideas you have in the comments!

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