Have you ever found yourself listening to a favorite song from your youth and the words or tune brought back memories from earlier years? The connection between memory and music is undeniable. It’s a connection that has been researched for many years. And while it’s well understood that music can have a positive effect on mood, studies have also shown that music has the capacity to positively affect movement and brain function. This is specifically true for seniors when it comes to memory care and dementia. This is why Aspire Hospice is proud to offer music therapy to all patients on our hospice services. 

Studies have shown that although Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can cause cognitive and memory decline, the parts of the brain that hold memories of music oftentimes remain undamaged. Music Therapists understand this, and use music for memory care because it is a way to access those areas. Music also stimulates many different areas of the brain at the same time, such as areas which control sight, mood, touch, hearing, and language. Stimulating multiple areas of the brain at once is a great way to help maintain memory and overall brain and body function. 

But the benefits of music are more than just cognitive. And they’re not just for seniors with dementia. Listening to music can reduce depression and anxiety. It can ease stress, sadness, and frustration. It can help the listener feel content and peaceful. In short, listening to music can make the listener happy. Music is a valuable asset for seniors who are seeking to find further meaning and more opportunities to reflect on happy relationships and moments.

At Aspire Home Health & Hospice, we utilize music therapists whose specific goal and responsibility is to help their patients through the medium of music. Our music therapists are dynamic in their approach and familiar with a broad spectrum of music, which they will perform for our patients or sing with them to help them connect, heal, and remember on a deeper level.

Whether you start by creating a simple playlist of some of your favorite songs, or you reach out to us about having our music therapist come visit with you, we at Aspire Home Health and Hospice are here to assist you in any way we can. If you have further questions about our services, reach out to us at 801-292-0296.

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