More than 44 million Americans are thrusted into the reality of caring for an aging parent after a serious illness or sudden health emergency. This sudden lifestyle change can be an enormous challenge for these people, many of which have become part of the “Sandwich Generation,” where they transform into the caregiver for both their parents and their children. Not only worrying about their children and parents, they also must maintain a marriage and a full-time job. All these responsibilities can make life feel overwhelming for these millions of Americans. Understanding that there are ways to seek help is crucial during these difficult times.


Create a support system.

Realizing that you are not the only person in this trying situation is crucial to your mental health. Finding different support groups to express any feelings or emotions you experience can be extremely beneficial to your wellbeing. These groups can be found in-person and online through Facebook, hospitals, or organizations such as the American Heart Association. With Aspire Home Health & Hospice, help and support are given to each caregiver by providing professional services to help your parent stay happy and healthy at home.


Watch for physical/mental changes in your parents.

If you are the primary caregiver for your parents, recognizing changes that may occur in their physical or mental demeanor can help determine if there are underlying issues at hand. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Changes in grooming habits
  • Changes in hygiene habits
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Giving up household chores
  • Changes in personality, mood, or speech helps list several more warning signs and gives the advice you may need to correct these signals.


Know when to ask for help.

You may feel comfortable assuming the role as the primary caregiver for some time; however, eventually you may find yourself slowly slipping into exhaustion as the all-too-real struggles of life stack up on you. Trying to juggle work, managing a social life, and caring for children or parents can leave you feeling like there is not enough time in the day to accomplish errands for yourself or pursue new adventures. Recognizing when this burnout occurs is important not only for you, but also for your aging parents who may require more attention and assistance than they are willing to admit. If this sounds like your current situation, Aspire Home Health & Hospice has Patient Care Advocates waiting on the line to guide you and provide the assistance that you may require. Having an in-home caregiving service can be the perfect complementor to you and your parents’ needs.

Establish a healthy set of roles with your aging parents.

Your relationship with your parents will continue to evolve during this time and it is important to set healthy roles with them. Here are some guidelines to keep the relationship healthy:

  • Be honest and respectful with them and expect the same from them.
  • Know how to say “no” when a boundary is crossed that you are not comfortable with crossing.
  • Manifest the ability to trust in your parents and they will trust in you.
  • Avoid secrets that could cause strain on your relationship by remaining open and honest.
  • Never do something for your parent that they should be able to do for themselves.

These are some of the most important criteria for having a healthy set of roles with your aging parent. Being honest and respectful can help the relationship remain open and imbue a deep trust in all actions from both sides. You may get to a point where helping any way you see fit feels like second nature, but it is very important that you give your parent the independence that they deserve for things that they can manage alone. If they do require more assistance, this is when you can lend a helping hand and continue the healthy set of roles that have been established.


Ask what your parent wants.

Recognizing that just because you are your parents’ caregiver does not mean you make executive decisions is very important to maintaining the trust that has been built. Bringing your parents into conversations about care can help them realize that they still have the independence of choice. At times, you may be at a disagreement with them on matters. Seeking help from caregiver services such as Aspire Home Health & Hospice can help mediate these challenging decisions and give the best care imaginable.


Focus on the positives and the memories that will be created.

During this time of stress, it is important to take a step back and appreciate the fact that these circumstances will bring you and your parents back together more often than possibly many recent decades. This will be your chance to make several more memories with the people who raised you and taught you how to enjoy being human. Giving this gift back to them is incredibly powerful and will spark memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


“Remember that in the long run you will benefit from caregiving… because you will have no regrets knowing that you did what you could and what was right.” – Gail L.


I am interested in getting additional help for my parents. What would a visit look like with Aspire Home Health & Hospice?


During the first visit, either a nurse or therapist will conduct an assessment with your parent and develop a professional opinion about the circumstances which have affected them. After this thorough assessment is conducted, the nurse or therapist often teaches different methods to the patient to help assist in their journey to heal and give the tools available that will help manage their health. If more intervention is necessary, care such as home health or hospice may be recommended. Home health and Hospice are 100% covered by traditional Medicaid, Medicare, and many other insurance plans for those who qualify. These in-home caregiver services in Salt Lake City are made available through the social security system. Aspire Home Health will also take care of all the Medicare billing for in-home caregivers.


With these thoughts in mind, Aspire Home Health & Hospice hopes to give you an added sense of ability to assist the wants and needs your loved one may face during a time of uncertainty. If you wish to learn more about our services, Aspire Home Health & Hospice provides more information about our treatment and the process to admit a loved one to our services. At Aspire Home Health and Hospice, you can rest assured that the needs you or a loved one have will be fulfilled to an exceptional standard, with an unwavering commitment towards mastering the benefits of these services.


Patient Care Advocates are standing by to hear your circumstances and will guide you towards the proper care of treatment. They can be reached by calling 801-396-5735.

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