At Aspire Hospice, our philosophy is to walk hand in hand with our patients and their family as they transition on their journey. Hospice is very important work, and few are as dedicated to this work as we are. Aspire Hospice is one of the top providers in Salt Lake City for compassionate hospice and end of life care for many reasons, but one of the most important perhaps is our use of several new, innovative technologies. We would like to take a minute to tell you about one of our newest additions.

Applied Insights is one of the newest additions to Aspire Hospice’s tool kit. It is a state of the art instrument which gives our staff insight into important metrics. Our goal is to give our patients the best opportunity to finish their story without any surprises. Applied Insights helps us do this.

Using a patient’s diagnosis and clinical observations, Applied Insights can anticipate, within a very close margin, when a hospice patient will likely pass away. Aspire Hospice is fortunate to combine our amazing staff and this powerful tool to provide quality end of life care.

Here are some facts about Aspire Hospice’s use of Applied Insights:


  • Using Applied Insights, Aspire Hospice averages 11 visits during our patients last 7 days. The national average is only 6.9 visits.
  • Averaging 11 visits in the last 7 days has pushed Aspire Hospice into the nation’s top 3% among hospice agencies.
  • Outside of the final 7 days, this system uses its advanced metrics to help us to provide close attention to a patient’s state of decline. We use it to better inform our clinicians of what the patient needs.
  • Currently, no other hospice provider in Utah is using this program.


Give Aspire Hospice the stress of planning your family’s hospice care. You can rest assured that your family members are constantly being assessed and reassessed by this analytical, powerful system. Aspire Hospice’s staff are committed to satisfying our patients and their family members. Aspire Hospice provides the Salt Lake City area with compassionate hospice and end of life care. If your family is going through the difficult choice of accepting and choosing hospice, call us. We are on your side.

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