Physical Therapy

One of our favorite services we offer at Aspire Home Health and Hospice is physical therapy. We can relax, strengthen, and empower our patients to feel as independent and healthy as possible through this beautiful service.

patient receiving physical therapy
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Why Physical Therapy?

Many home health and hospice patients experience chronic pain and aches as part of their diagnosis. That is why Medicare requires all home health providers to offer physical therapy to their patients.  However, they do not require hospice providers to offer this therapy.  At Aspire, we are one of the few hospice providers offering physical therapy to our patients.  Through this therapy, our patients feel relief from pain and experience as much independence as possible.

About Aspire Home Health and Hospice

Physical Therapy

At Aspire, our goal is to help our patients feel as much happiness as possible. One of the approaches we use to maximize physical health and achieve other goals is physical therapy!

This particular therapy has several different goals concerning home health and hospice care. Both utilize the same techniques but with different philosophies in mind.  We use physical therapy to help our patients gain strength and independence when it comes to home health.  Physicians will most commonly order it to help a home health patient recover from an injury, illness, or surgery.  However, in hospice, we use it to help our patients manage pain and feel comfortable to achieve self-actualization. 

Although this therapy has different goals for home health and hospice patients, it is remarkably effective in both areas.  Because of how effective it is, it is one of the most common services people look for when searching for a home health and hospice provider.  However, it is not common for a provider to offer physical therapy to their hospice patients; that is one way Aspire Home Health and Hospice stands out.

Aspire Home Health and Hospice is an award-winning home care and hospice provider in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We are a team of caring professionals committing to providing our parents with comfortable home health and hospice services.

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