Many seniors have pets in their homes.  Pets are great for companionship, as well as helping retirees feel purpose and responsibility.  You can read this blog to learn more about why having pets in retirement is a great idea.  But, with the excessive heat we’ve been experiencing over the last month or so, it can be more challenging and demanding to care for p So, here are 3 tips to help seniors care for their pets in higher temperatures.

Water dispenser for pets


I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but water is vitally important for any living thing.  In hot weather, it’s even more critical to ensure pets have enough water to stay healthy and strong. So, always make sure water blows are filled and clean.  If you want, you could even invest in a water dispenser for pets, like this one on Amazon. If you get an automatic water dispenser like this, be aware that mold can form and need cleaning frequently.


This section is applicable mainly with dogs and other pets that need higher amounts of exercise.  If there isn’t room inside the home for exercise, there are a few things to be aware of when bringing a pet outside in hot weather.  First, keep dogs away from pavement and asphalt.  Pavement and asphalt get very hot in the sunlight, and in higher temperatures, they can burn the soles of animals’ feet.  If you touch the ground and it feels hot to you, it’ll feel hot to the animal, too.  Stay on the grass as much as possible.

Another thing to remember is to bring water with you, both for yourself and for the pet.  If possible, take your pet out early in the morning to avoid the high temperatures as much as possible.  If leaving the house is difficult, there are lots of toys you can purchase that will help your pet stay active, like this motorized weazel toy.


Humans’ primary cooling mechanism is sweat.  While most household pets sweat in small amounts through their paws, most of their temperature regulation comes through panting, finding shaded areas, stretching, or drinking water. Therefore, please provide your pet with proper shade, room to stretch, and cool places to rest to ensure the pets aren’t too hot.

Having a pet is a great thing that benefits thousands of seniors and retirees, but it’s essential to help make sure the pets are taken care of, too.  I hope this list has helped you recognize the importance of pet care and identify ways to help!


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