Music Therapy

One of the unique services we offer at Aspire Home Health and Hospice is music therapy. Through this beautiful service, we can relax, comfort, and soothe our patients to feel as calm and peaceful as possible.  Additionally, this therapy has shown positive results to enhance breathing and sleep.

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Why Music Therapy?

Many hospice patients experience chronic pain and anxiety as part of their diagnosis. Although Medicare does not require music therapy, we are still proud to offer it as an optional service to our patients at no extra charge. Through music, our patients experience relief from stress and feel as much relaxation as possible.

About Aspire Home Health and Hospice

Music Therapy

At Aspire, our goal is to help our patients feel as much happiness as possible. One of the approaches we use to maximize satisfaction and achieve other goals is music therapy!

Music therapy has several different uses. Not only does it help a patient feel happier and calmer, but it also is effective in pain management and helping with breathing, memory, and cardiac conditions. 

Music therapy offers an alternative relief method from pain and anxiety when a patient cannot take medication for one reason or another.  At Aspire, we believe hospice should be an accessible service.  Its benefits should be available to anybody who needs them. That is why we are so proud to offer this beautiful service, even though Medicare does not require it.

Of course, this therapy can benefit anybody, even if they are able and willing to take medication.  Many of our patients choose to have music therapy in conjunction with medication.  Music is available to all of our hospice patients regardless of whether they take medication for pain and anxiety relief.

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