Because many of our home health patients have Medicare, the focus of this blog will be on the requirements necessary to qualify for Medicare home health services. However, if you have a different health insurance provider, feel free to contact us or that provider to find out how to qualify for home health coverage under their plan specifically.


With that being said, let’s jump in.


Medicare (and several other insurance providers) pay for skilled services, such as nursing and therapies in the home when there is a specific skilled need and the patient is home bound (meaning they are unable to travel to a doctors office for appointments).


In order to qualify for these home health benefits under Medicare, the following five requirements must be met:


  1. You are homebound. To be homebound means that you have trouble leaving your home without assistance because of an illness or injury.
  2. Your doctor orders you to receive home health services (nursing or therapeutic services).
  3. A qualified physician must document that they’ve had a face-to-face encounter with you in regard to your current need for home health care recently.
  4. You must be under the care of a doctor responsible for your plan of care and who is regularly reviewing the plan of care.
  5. The home health agency that will be caring for you is approved by Medicare (for example, Aspire Home Health and Hospice).


As long as you have a skilled healthcare need that qualifies you for home health care, Medicare and many other insurance providers will cover 100% of the cost for your services.


Home health is a healing service that can be provided to you in your home at no cost to you. If you feel you qualify or may qualify in the future, contact one of our qualified representatives who are standing by 24/7 to connect you with quality 5-star care.

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