Aspire is a leading hospice care provider offering top-notch services to patients in the Salt Lake City area.


Aspire Has Served Since The Beginning Of COVID-19. 

Maintaining a 0% transmission rate, you can rest assured that you will receive care in the safest, most COVID-free environment — your home.

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Experience 5-star care.

After over 200 reviews, Aspire maintains a 4.9-star rating on Google. This is due to our outstanding clinicians and dedication to constantly improving the care we provide. But don’t just take our word for it; scroll down and learn for yourself.

Based on 292 reviews.
Laura Crabtree
Laura Crabtree
July 31, 2022.
I had knee replacement surgery and Luke with Aspire Home Health was incrediblely patient with me. He explained the exercises well and pushed just enough to help me reach my goals! I highly recommend him!!
Norma Nuttall
Norma Nuttall
July 25, 2022.
My therapists were phil and Luke. They were both very good & I have learned alot.. they were always on time and friendly
Mindi Smith
Mindi Smith
July 22, 2022.
In May my mom (77) nearly died from a heart block. She spent time in the hospital and in rehab. The whole time all she wanted was to be home in her own bed. Due to having 7 rounds of CPR she had some fractured ribs and was in a lot of pain. After nearly a month she was finally able to go home. Aspire made the transition so easy for her. Lauren was her nurse and was very kind and attentive. She listened to my mom's life story and was extremely patient her. My mom can talk your ear off. We are so thankful to Lauren for making the transition go smoothly. Mom is doing so much better. Thank you Aspire and Lauren for all you did to help my mom!
Elizabeth Ernstsen
Elizabeth Ernstsen
July 21, 2022.
Kind and efficient people! Nice to work with! Great work!!
Linda Jones
Linda Jones
July 14, 2022.
We have been impressed with the professionalism and care that my mom received during home physical therapy. Great job guys, I would recommend Aspire to anyone looking for a home health care experience.
Jeannette Pedregon
Jeannette Pedregon
July 12, 2022.
There are no words to describe how much I appreciated the kindness that Rose and Ellen gave to my Mom. She passed away a month ago, but these ladies gave my mom such amazing care. I could tell that they really cared about her. I'm not sure I could have gotten thru this without them. I will forever be grateful! Sincerely, Jeannette Pedregon
C Oldroyd
C Oldroyd
July 9, 2022.
My mother has received physical therapy for the past two months. It made such a difference in her stroke recovery. The therapist readily assessed my moms needs…and dealt with her sometimes difficult and demanding personality to structure a program that worked for her. She loved his visits and the personal attention she received. Our therapist was so easy to work with and considerate of my moms needs. Great experience. Highly recommended
Amber McRae
Amber McRae
July 6, 2022.
This is an incredible group of administrators and nurses who will always put your needs first. My experience with them was nothing but positive. They listen to your needs and make sure you are taken care of and treated with respect and kindness ❤️

Aspire Hospice Care

 At Aspire, our philosophy is to walk hand in hand with our patients and their family as they transition on their journey.

Incredible Patient Care

Aspire Hospice averages 11 visits during our patients’ last 7 days of life. The national average is only 6.9 visits¹.

Frequency of Visits

Averaging 11 visits in the patient’s last 7 days has pushed Aspire into the top 3% of all hospice agencies nationally

Quality Method

This is the quality method Aspire has used to treat their patients, which no other agency in the state of Utah can provide.

Aspire scored a perfect 100% in 3 categories which Medicare scores hospice agencies².

Treatment Preferences

Aspire’s trained clinicians will walk you through all available treatment options.

Beliefs/Values Addressed

Aspire’s professional clergy will walk with you and support you along this spiritual journey.

Medication Care

Aspire’s physicians and nurses help educate you to manage your pain and disease symptoms.

Aspire Hospice - The most safe, the most caring.

Aspire Hospice beats the competition in the eight metrics used by Medicare.

Aspire Hospice Score


Average Score in Utah


Average Score in the US


With the gift of hospice, you will receive:

Physician Services

Regular physician visits to oversee your care and ensure quality.

Nursing Services

Frequent visitation from both a registered nurse and nursing aids to provide a plethora of services.

Music Therapy

Healing, therapeutic services through our highly trained music therapists.

Massage Therapy

Treatment on muscles and soft tissues to ease discomfort from any pains.

Grief Counseling

Counseling to assist in the emotional, social, and physical response to end-of-life care.

¹All information & figures pertaining to visits made during the last 7 days of life are courtesy of WellSky CareInsights®.

²Reference to Hospice Item Set Comprehensive Assessment Measure (courtesy Medicare Hospice Compare). Scores range from 0% to 100% reflecting how often each category was addressed during a survey test.

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