It’s hard to watch a loved one struggle with poor health and a loss of independence. Whether it’s from aging, surgery, or long-term illness, a sense of helplessness comes with the constant worry about their safety and wellbeing, especially when they live alone. Not knowing what else to do, family members often assume there are only two options available — take on the burden of full-time care themselves or relocate their loved one to an inpatient facility, such as a nursing home, assisted living facility, or short-term rehabilitation clinic. However, the world of home health is much larger and several other options are available to patients who qualify for this service. Below, the most commonly asked questions will be answered to help give peace of mind when making the decision of receiving home health.


What is home health?

Home health, or post-acute care, is typically prescribed after being recently discharged from acute care such as a rehabilitation center or hospital. Usually the patient has undergone a surgery or procedure that will require some time to heal or rehabilitate, and this recovery time can be passed in the safety and comfort of the patient’s home. We say “typically” because one can qualify for home health without a surgery or procedure. That is why it is best to contact your preferred home health provider to find out. Home health can even be less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care one would receive in a nursing facility or hospital.


What can I expect on the first home health visit?

During the first home health visit, either a nurse or therapist will conduct an assessment with the patient and develop a professional opinion about the circumstances which have affected the patient. After this thorough assessment is conducted, the nurse or therapist often teaches different methods to the patient to help assist in their journey to heal and also give the tools available that will help manage their health. During this time, the transition from a hospital or nursing facility back to the patient’s home begins.


How often will home health visits be, and how long will I receive home health care?

The number of visits a patient receives each week will depend on the circumstances relative to the physician’s home health order. This plan may change over time depending on how fast or slow recovery time occurs. Regardless of how many visits occur each week or how long the recovery takes, the plan will be perfectly tailored towards the patient’s needs.


Who pays for home health services?

Home health is 100% covered by traditional Medicaid, Medicare, and many other insurance plans for those who qualify. These in-home caregiver services in Salt Lake City are made available through the social security system. Everyone deserves a happy and fulfilling experience later in life, and the limitations faced by the elderly should not prevent that. Aspire Home Health will also take care of all the Medicare billing for in-home caregivers.


How do I qualify for home health?

Home health is offered through Medicare, which requires five specific requirements to be met. To read more about these specific requirements, our blog post specifically lists all this information and more. In short, to qualify for these home health benefits under Medicare, the following five requirements must be met:

  1. You are homebound. To be homebound means that you have trouble leaving your home without assistance because of an illness or injury.
  2. Your doctor orders you to receive home health services (nursing or therapeutic services).
  3. A qualified physician must document that they’ve had a face-to-face encounter with you in regard to your current need for home health care recently.
  4. You must be under the care of a doctor responsible for your plan of care and who is regularly reviewing the plan of care.
  5. The home health agency that will be caring for you is approved by Medicare (for example, Aspire Home Health and Hospice).


What services are offered through home health care?

The purpose of home health care is to help you regain your independence and to get you back on your feet, so all of the cares provided is catered towards that overarching focus. Not every patient chooses to receive all the services ordered by their physician, but they are available to help Aspire Home Health patients heal at a more accelerated rate than they would have been able to without.


Below is a list of the home health services we provide to our patients here at Aspire Home Health and Hospice:


  • Skilled Nursing—Our exceptional nurses come to your place of residence—whether it be a assisted living facility or in your home—to provide skilled nursing services. Nursing services can entail a wide range of services from pain management to wound care. We also recently introduced a holistic nurse to our team expanding our available resources.


  • Physical Therapy—As we stated previously, home health is meant to help you get your independence back, and physical therapy is a huge part of that. A physical therapist provides exercises and activities that can help an individual gain strength and balance.


  • Occupational Therapy—An occupational therapist’s goal is to help their patients maintain meaningful activities that are important to their lives. In home health, an occupational therapist is to assist with functioning in specifically bathing and grooming. Occupational therapy may involve instructions or assistance on how to safely perform certain activities.


  • Speech Therapy—This service is designed to assist patients facing swallowing and communication disorders. Speech therapy can be a very life changing service for individuals who have difficulties speaking and eating.


  • Certified Nursing Assistant—Under the direction of our nurses, our certified nursing assistants are available to visit you and provide aide services which may include bathing or grooming. Aides are also available to assist you with additional services which can encompass light house cleaning and cooking.


  • Social Work—Many of our patients spend time evaluating the life they lived and what emotions they may still be holding onto. Social work is provided to patients to help face these feelings and provide a safe space to discuss openly and hopefully reduce any lingering emotional pain. Social workers are also trained in helping individuals find additional community resources.


Is hospitalization required to receive home health care?

Hospitalization is not required to receive home health care. Rather, a doctor will prescribe home health to a patient if they feel as if it is a good fit. If you do not have an order from a doctor but feel as if you qualify for home health, connect with us by calling 801-396-5735 or messaging us over webchat and Aspire Home Health & Hospice will work with your physician to get orders for a home health plan.


What can home health specifically do for me?

Home health is a wonderful service meant to bring health care providers directly into the place where you are most comfortable—your home! When you are admitted to Aspire Home Health, you have the opportunity to discuss with your nurse what exactly your health-related goals are. Your nurse will then create a personalized recovery plan specific to what you want to accomplish.


In Summary…

Home health can seem like a large service to navigate, but if the patient listens to the recommendations of their physician and reaches out for assistance from Aspire Home Health, their needs will be perfectly catered to. Home health is a beautiful service that allows the patient to gain their independence back all from the comforts of home. contains even more information if one wishes to learn more about the services provided.

At Aspire Home Health and Hospice, you can rest assured that the needs you or a loved one have will be fulfilled to an exceptional standard. With an unwavering commitment towards mastering the benefits of these services, Aspire Home Health & Hospice utilizes a powerful mix of services that add increased comfort for those who embark on the journey of home health.

Additionally, Patient Care Advocates are standing by to hear your circumstances and will guide you towards the proper care of treatment. They can be reached by calling 801-396-5735.


Aspire Home Health & Hospice is here to give you and your family the ability to experience joy, to walk hand-in-hand with you on this journey of life, and to be your guide in receiving the care that you deserve.

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