I don’t know about you, but I always have difficulty getting through the weeks that mark the end of winter.  It feels like the world is still dark and cold, and even though I know the warmth of summer is getting close, I still struggle!  So, over the years, I’ve found a few ways to help me get through the long, dreary final weeks of winter.

New Exercise

Physical activity is an essential part of personal health!  One way to add some variety and breathe new breath into your routine is to switch up the exercises you do.  For example, I like to start doing yoga or pilates at the end of winter.  It adds a relaxing change to my daily routine.  But, of course, if yoga or pilates don’t appeal to you, you could always go on a daily run or even find a new place to run!  So, adding some changes to your daily routine can help get you through the end of winter.

Start a New TV Series

Finding a new series to watch can help get you through the last few weeks of winter.  To me, a new series means some new entertainment and also something new things to think about and keep my mind active.  I’d recommend a series with many seasons already streaming, like Survivor or The Amazing Race.  Having lots of seasons available will help keep you occupied longer!

Read a New Book

Reading books is a great way to keep your mind healthy and active.  So, reading a new book every once in a while is a fantastic way to spend your time!  We’d recommend signing up for a service like Book of the Month, which will let you choose from a selection of brand new hardcover books for just $10 a month.  If you’re an enthusiastic book reader, this service can help you get your hands on some great books for a fantastic price.

We hope you’ve found some great ways to get through the end of winter!  Be sure to leave us a comment to let us know what tips you’d give!  Also, if you’d like some exercise tips for seniors, check out this blog!

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