One of the services provided by Aspire Home Health is the availability of a CNA, or a certified nursing assistant, to help patients with a number of different activities. An important activity that people often need help with is bathing. Luckily, this is an activity that home health patients can receive assistance with if they choose. CNAs can also provide other services such as light house cleaning or cooking. Generally speaking, CNAs can provide assistance several times a week dependent on a patient’s condition.


CNAs can also assist with bed baths if the patient requires the service. Usually this happens when a patient is unable to move due to their medical condition. If they are mobile, the CNA will help them into the shower, providing as much or as little help needed to effectively assist while maintaining the patient’s privacy.


An important note to make about CNAs provided by home health is that due to the nature of home health, the overarching goal of the CNA visitations is to help the patient regain their independence. Patients are taught and encouraged to gradually begin showering on their own.


Whether you feel the individual qualifies for home health or hospice, give Aspire Home Health a call and one of our senior health advocates will be happy to provide guidance to you on the matter.

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