Spring has sprung! Instead of spending a long time shopping for spring decorations that you might not even like, I thought it could be fun to spend that time making a fun and creative decoration at home! Here’s my favorite DIY decoration for the season!


These coffee filter flowers are a great spring decoration, but they’ll look great year-round! To make this one, you’ll need white coffee filters, rit dye (we pictured petal pink, but you can use any color you like), craft glue, and a paper candy cup. You’ll want 4-6 coffee filters to make one flower. Here are the steps to make these flower cups:


  1. Submerge the coffee filters in the rit dye mixed with water and then let them dry.
  2. You’ll cut the coffee filters into flower shapes of various sizes and stack them from smallest to largest. Glue them at the center to hold the flowers together.
  3. Glue the candy cup on top, and you’ve got a great-looking flower candy cup!


These decorations are pretty easy to make; you can make them with children and low-mobility seniors.

For how easy they are, they’re great-looking candy cups!


I hope you have fun making these decorations. I’d love to hear about your favorite DIY decorations — I’m always looking for more!

Let me know in the comments!

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