A lot of people loved the DIY cheesecloth ghosts we wrote about last week.  So, by popular demand, we’re back with another DIY decoration you can make at home this autumn!  This time, I’ll show you how to make these adorable autumn-themed candles!

DIY Decoration Equipment

For these candles, you’ll need:

You can find fabric autumn leaves in any craft store.  But you can get them at the dollar store if you want to spend less money!  For these candles, you’ll want the leaves to be as thin as possible.  Oh, and make sure they don’t have any waxy finish on them!

DIY Decoration CandleDirections

  1. First, you’ll need to prep your leaves. Start by lying them down as flat as possible. Next, peel off any plastic ribbing from the back so the leaves will be able to lie down flat.
  2. Next, prep your mason jar. All you’ll need to do is thoroughly wash it with water and dish soap.  Having dirt and grease residue can make this craft much more difficult.  After it’s been washed and dried, wipe it down with rubbing alcohol.  The rubbing alcohol will help your leaves stick to the jar.  Be sure to avoid touching the sides of the jar after you’ve rubbed it down.
  3. Third, it’s time to use your sponge brush to apply a thin layer of mod podge to the outside of your jar. After a couple of minutes, place one of the leaves on top of the mod podge when the mod podge gets sticky.  Make sure every edge is sticking down.
  4. Rotate the jar a bit after the first leaf is stuck on nicely and apply another thin layer of mod podge. Repeat this step one leaf at a time until the jar is covered.
  5. Once the jar is covered, place your work in front of a fan to let it dry. 15-20 minutes should be long enough.
  6. Finally, very carefully cover the jar one more time with a thin coat of mod podge. Leave your beautiful work sit overnight to let it dry.
  7. Once it’s dry, place a tea light or electric candle inside and let it glow!

I hope you have a wonderful time making this candle.  I sure did!  Making a DIY decoration can be great both to pass the time and as a way to engage your mind and body in productive activity.  Be sure to let me know how it goes in the comments!

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