Hospice is one of the most beneficial services in all of healthcare.  It helps terminal patients enjoy their remaining time with their family and loved ones.  Hospice accomplishes this by alleviating pain, maximizing comfort, and assisting patients in getting their affairs in order.  Hospice also provides spiritual counseling and therapy for patients who request it.  But, one aspect of hospice that many people do not consider is how it benefits a patient’s family.

In many cases, our patients were previously under the primary care of their child or another family member.  While we fully encourage family members to take care of each other, it can have an enormous emotional and physical toll on a person to take care of their loved one at the end of their life.  Hospice gives these caregivers some much-needed relief and an opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones without worrying about their care.  Aspire Hospice wants to foster an environment where families can create fond, lasting memories with their loved ones.  The best way for us to create an environment like this is to make the patient’s home safe and comfortable.  Then, we’ll meet all of the patient’s physical and health-related needs so they can spend quality time with their families without feeling pain or discomfort.

The hospice benefits don’t stop there, though.  When Aspire admits a patient to hospice, their family is also entitled to bereavement services, social work, and counseling.  Naturally, the end of a loved one’s life is difficult to go through.  That’s why Aspire Home Health and Hospice is committed to helping our patients’ families in any way we can.

Aspire Home Health and Hospice is here to help you.  If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from hospice services, call us today!

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