When individuals think about hospice, they may think of it as “giving up.” However, this could not be further from the truth.  Hospice is a critical factor in celebrating the gift of life and bringing loved ones together to enjoy the remainder of a loved one’s life.  Additionally, there are several benefits of hospice that can increase the comfort a loved one feels during their end-of-life journey.  Below are just a few of the many available benefits from receiving the gift of hospice.

Personal Care Plan

When individuals enter hospice, many different medical professionals will come together and develop a personalized plan.  This plan will offer the most comfort to the patient as possible and help increase their quality of life.  Medical professionals base these plans upon the patient’s wishes.  They will also offer guidance on any decisions that occur along the way.  Registered nurses, physicians, caregivers, spiritual leaders, and volunteers will assist you every step of the way with everything that comes with hospice.  These benefits can reach well beyond the physical needs and extend into their spiritual and psychosocial needs, even taking care of requirements for the family.

Freedom to Choose

One misconception about hospice is that the patient no longer has requested.  In reality, the hospice patient is still the ultimate decision-maker on any matter.  Using a hospice service allows the patient and family members to hear their voices and command treatments and care options.

Fewer Hospital Visits

Many studies have shown that hospice reduces the number of hospitalizations when a patient enters hospice care.  According to a report published in Jama Internal Medicine, hospice patients have lower healthcare expenditures in their last year of life compared to non-hospice patients.  Similarly, hospice patients are five times more likely to pass away in the comfort of their homes than non-hospice patients.  A key component of hospice care is enrolling at the right time to maximize the quality of end-of-life care.  Intervention through a hospice program can lead to fewer hospitalizations, ICU admissions, invasive procedures, and lower expenditures in the last year of life.

Care Available at All Times

While a patient is on hospice, they will have access to an on-call nurse 24/7, and a nurse can visit any time, day or night.  Having this resource available can relieve an incredible amount of stress on the patient and the family.

Dignity in Final Days

Hospice patients can pass away with dignity rather than being hooked to invasive machines during their final days.  In addition, because the hospice patient is ultimately in charge, they can choose how they spend their final days.  Being in the comfort of their home and surrounded by loved ones is much more pleasant than spending the last days in a busy hospital.

At-Home Care

Patients can receive all of the medical benefits of hospice at home.  In addition, this familiar environment can lead to an added feeling of security.  Loved ones will feel more comfortable visiting often than if hospice occurred in a hospital.  Especially during the covid-19 pandemic, having this opportunity to receive care at home is more enticing than ever.

Wide Variety of Services

Within the hospice plan, we offer several services that can substantially increase the quality of end-of-life care.  Some of these services include:

  • Physician services – Regular physician visits to oversee your care and ensure quality.
  • Nursing services – Frequent visitation from both a registered nurse and nursing aids provides many benefits.
  • Music therapy – Healing, therapeutic services through our highly trained music therapists.
  • Massage therapy – Treatment of muscles and soft tissues to ease discomfort from any pains.
  • Grief counseling – Counseling to assist in the emotional, social, and physical response to the end of life care.

With these benefits in mind, Aspire Home Health & Hospice hopes to give you an added sense of ability to assist the wants and needs your loved one may face during their end-of-life care.  For example, suppose you wish to learn more about our hospice service.  In that case, Aspire Hospice provides more information about our treatment and the process of admitting a loved one to our services.  At Aspire Home Health and Hospice, you can rest assured that we will fulfill your or a loved one’s needs to an exceptional standard.  Furthermore, we will meet these needs with an unwavering commitment to mastering these services’ benefits.

Patient Care Advocates are standing by to hear your circumstances and guide you towards the proper treatment care.  Call us today to discuss more!


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