For many people, the January Blues can make the new year difficult.  After the major holidays are over, we still have a couple of months of dreary, muddy snow to get through.  So, in today’s blog, I’ll give you five things you can do to beat the January Blues and make time fly to February!

book of the monthRead a Novel

One of the best ways to make time pass is through escapism.  Of course, escapism can be dangerous and distracting when it becomes a habit.  Still, there are certainly healthy ways to engage in escapism.  What better way to engage in some healthy escapism than through reading a brand new book?  One of the great resources I use to find new books to read is Book of the Month.  For $10, they’ll send you a brand new book of your choosing every single month!  So, if you want to beat the January Blues with a new book, give them a try!

movie scratch-off posterWatch Some New Movies

I’m a big movie buff, so watching movies is my favorite way to pass the time!  One way to make something of a game out of it is to get a scratch-off poster with several movies to watch!  For example, my sister gave me this one as a gift a couple of years ago, and I have loved watching the films it recommends!  It would not be difficult to find posters like this for all sensibilities!  For example, there are scratch-off posters for kids’ movies, comedies, and many more!  Of course, some films on these lists may be of little interest to you or your family members for one reason or another.  There have been several on my poster that I’ve chosen to skip!  If that’s the case for you, please ignore those movies and watch the films you feel interested in and feel appropriate watching!  After all, this is supposed to be a fun way to pass the time and watch new movies!

Take Up a New Hobby

Taking up a new hobby can be challenging, but it’s a great way to pass the time!  I’d recommend finding a new hobby that gives you some material reward.  For example, painting and knitting are fantastic hobbies that can give you some new artwork or a new blanket!  You can find very helpful tutorials on YouTube to help you get started!

Make a New Calendar

I usually do this at the end of the year, but it’s never too late to start!  One of my favorite activities with my family is making our yearly calendar.  We use photos we’ve taken throughout the year and find a template to upload them.  Shutterfly, for example, is what we usually use!  Then, you can pick the design you like and put whatever photos you want on each month!

devil's ivy plantBuy a Plant

If you’re in the right mindset and physical ability to care for a plant properly, you’d be surprised how much joy one little plant can give you!  I’d recommend a Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) or a Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily).  Both of those options are very easy to care for and are great for beginners!

I hope this list helps you beat the January Blues!  Check out this blog for our comfort food recommendations if your favorite pastime is cooking!

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