The end of summer is always a sad time of year for me.  Although I love autumn, summer has an enjoyable, energetic feel. So, to send this summer off with a bang, I decided to give a few healthy recipes for the end of summer!

mango skewersMelon Prosciutto Skewers

I have a major weakness for prosciutto.  This recipe is relatively simple and, more importantly, absolutely delicious. You can find this recipe on Delish’s website.

Caprese Chicken Breastscaprese chicken breasts

There’s something about a good Caprese dish that is undeniably summer. So this recipe is a must-make before the season ends!  Find the recipe on Food Network’s website.

pesto pastaEasy Pesto Pasta

Pesto pasta is one of my all-time favorite Italian dishes. The taste and the aesthetic are both incredible.  Pesto pasta also has an intense summer feel that I love.  You can find the recipe on Love & Lemons’ website.

Gingered Honey Salmongingered honey salmon

Salmon is probably my favorite summer dish. Of course, many people don’t like seafood, but I believe that any food can be delicious if properly cooked and seasoned.  I would highly recommend this one.  You can find this recipe on Taste of Home’s website.

skillet neopolitan pizzaSkillet Neopolitan Pizza

Neopolitan pizza is a staple of summertime.  In my opinion, there isn’t a better pizza to make during the summer months.  It’s light, tasty, and virtually effortless.    Not to mention, it’s maybe one of the most visually appealing foods there is.  You can find this simple recipe on Ahead of Thyme’s website.

With summer on its way out, I hope you take the time to make these fantastic dishes!  Be sure to leave us a comment to let us know which recipes are your favorites!  If you’d like some dessert recipes, you can read this blog.

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