With autumn in full swing, I thought it would be a great time to give 5 of my favorite autumn recipes for you to try out with your family!  Also, if you’d like to provide a recommendation for your favorite autumn recipes, head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment!

apple cider chickenApple Cider Glazed Chicken

Apple cider is a staple of the autumn season.  So, what better way to make your chicken dish have an autumn feeling than glazing it with apple cider?  This recipe is simple and delicious!  Check it out from Kitchn.

rosemary garlic porkchopsGarlic Rosemary Pork Chops

Pork Chops are some of my favorite food.  Rosemary gives it that special autumn feeling that I love so much.  These juicy, savory chops will keep you wanting more!  I’d highly recommend adding a few extra seasonings to this dish to give it a little extra kick!  Check out the recipe from Delish.

roasted butternut squash soupRoasted Butternut Squash Soup

Most people will default to a chicken soup or a potato soup for autumn.  However, I think it would be fun to branch out and try a less common soup this year!  This creamy, comforting dish will give you that happy feeling only a warm soup can provide!  Minimalist Baker has a spectacular recipe!

apple spice pancakesApple Spiced Pancakes

The only thing better than pancakes is pancakes with apple spice.  On a lazy weekend morning, nothing beats these delicious pancakes!  However, I’d recommend substituting the Gala apples with Honeycrisp.  Their taste complements the spice perfectly.  Give them a try this autumn!  You’ll be able to find the website from The Pioneer Woman.

pumpkin bacon mac and cheese

Pumpkin Bacon Mac and Cheese

Just saying the words “pumpkin bacon mac and cheese” gets me excited.  I know it might sound a little strange, but I’d highly recommend this recipe!  It’s a fresh, autumn-inspired take on a classic family favorite.  Check out the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen!

I hope you enjoy these recipes!  Be sure to leave us a comment to let us know which one was your favorite!  If you’d like some dessert recipes to try out, check out our other blog!

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