I’ve always loved movies.  When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a famous director like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.  I even started my college experience as a film major! So for this blog, I’m going to try to give a few movie recommendations that people may not have seen before (If you’ve seen all of these, I am genuinely impressed).  Because I do not want to recommend movies that people may be uncomfortable watching, I won’t recommend movies with an MPAA rating more extreme than PG-13.

Minari PosterMinari

Directed by Lee Isaac Chung

Minari is a deeply emotional film about a Korean-American family starting a farm in rural Arkansas.  Because the family is from South Korea, most of the film is in the Korean language. However, as they struggle to chase the American dream and navigate the new life they have, they discover the strength of their family and what truly makes a home.

Minari is rated PG-13 for mild profanity and cigarette use.  You can rent it on Prime Video.

Mr. Holland’s OpusMr. Holland's Opus poster

Directed by Stephen Herek

Mr. Holland is a composer searching for fulfillment and meaning while working as a high school music teacher.  To inspire his students to love and appreciate music, he teaches them about the kind of music they enjoy listening to, rock and roll.  This touching movie about following your dreams is sure to delight you.

Mr. Holland’s Opus is rated PG for mild profanity; it is available to stream on Disney+.

The Farewell PosterThe Farewell

Directed by Lulu Wang

The Farewell is one of my favorite movies from 2019.  It is about a Chinese-American family who learns their grandmother only has a short time left to live. However, instead of telling her, they keep it a secret while traveling to China to spend more time with her before she passes away.  Although the synopsis sounds bleak, it is an incredibly inspiring and hopeful movie.

The Farewell is rated PG for mild profanity; you can stream it on Prime Video.

PenelopePenelope Poster

Directed by Mark Palansky

In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated movies of the 2000s.  Penelope is about a young girl cursed with the face of a pig.  However, she can break the curse if she can find true love with somebody who will accept her. This movie has a beautiful message of self-love and acceptance, and I think it is a joy to watch.

Penelope is rated PG for mild profanity; you can rent it on Prime Video.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Directed by Ben Stiller

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of the most inspiring movies I’ve ever seen.  When an ordinary man finds the courage to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, he discovers what it truly means to live.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is rated PG for mild violence and intense scenes.  You can stream this movie on Hulu.


These are some of my favorite movies, so I hope you’ll enjoy them! If you’d like more recommendations, we have two more blogs with movie recommendations!  You can read them by clicking the links below.  Also, be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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