During this heatwave, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, I have a tough time remembering that I need to drink water.  Even though I’m aware of its importance, I just seem to forget to drink it.  I will give the simple tips and tricks I use to remember to drink water throughout the day for today’s blog.


Set Reminders

When it comes to remembering to drink water, your cell phone could be your best friend.  On my phone, I’ve set reminders every hour or so to remind me to take a sip of water.  These reminders have helped me countless times and have made it much easier to remember to drink water.

Place Water Bottles Around the House

Sometimes, having a visual cue to complete a task can make it more effortless to remember that it needs to be done. I’ve been trying this tactic out for the last month, and it’s worked spectacularly.  I have a few affordable, reusable water bottles that I’ve placed around the house, and every time I walk past one, I take a drink out of it.


Replace Other Drinks with Water

This one might be difficult—it’s taken me a lot of practice.  I am a big soda drinker, but I’ve been trying to stop over the last few weeks. To do this, I’ve been drinking a glass of water every time I feel like drinking soda.  I haven’t cut soda out completely, but I’ve been drinking much less of it and drinking more water. As a result, I feel a lot healthier and more hydrated now!


Flavor Your Water

If you’re more partial to flavored drinks, flavoring your water could be a great way to drink more of it! I’ve used this tactic before, and I’ve found it’s very effective in making me want to drink water more often.  When I like the taste of something, it’s easier to remember to drink it.

Set Daily Goals

Goals can be a fantastic motivator and can make it easier to remember things.  For example, when I have goals of running three times every week, it’s always at the back of my mind.  The same is true of any goal, including water intake!


Drinking water is critical, especially during a heatwave like this.  I hope this list has given you some ideas of how we can all stay more hydrated.  To learn more about hydration and why it’s essential, you can read this blog.


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