I don’t know about you, but desserts are one of my favorite parts of any barbecue!  After having a super savory dinner, the best way to follow up is with a sweet barbecue dessert!  So, in today’s blog, I’ll give you five barbecue desserts you can serve at your next outdoor dinner gathering!  Here we go!

campfire cookieCampfire Cookies

If you have little ones around, these cookies are perfect.  They’re as delicious as they are fun!  People always say not to play with your food, but I don’t think anybody could resist playing with these amusing cookies.  Here’s the recipe!

s'mores cookiesS’mores Blossom Cookies

Keeping with our campfire theme, these cookies are enormous crowd-pleasers!  Also, the flavor pairing between marshmallows, chocolate, and peanut butter is out of this world.  So, these cookies will be a hit at your barbecue; even we can’t get enough!  Here’s the recipe!

muffin tin piesMuffin Tin Strawberry Pies

Barbecue desserts are all about individual portion sizes.  That way, everybody can walk by and grab whatever they want.  So, instead of making a full-sized pie that everybody will struggle to get a piece of, consider making these individual-sized pies!  The sizes are perfect for an outdoor treat, and the flavors are too!  Here’s the recipe!

lemon barsLemon Bars

Citruses are some of the best flavors for barbecue desserts!  So, lemon bars are perfect for a refreshing outdoor treat.  This recipe is straightforward and very rewarding.  Here it is!

ice cream crunch barsIce Cream Crunch Bars

Ice cream desserts are probably the best barbecue dessert there is!  These ice cream bars have some delicious crunch, and they taste just like fried ice cream!  Here’s the recipe!

I hope this list has helped you find some delicious barbecue desserts!  Be sure to let us know which one was your favorite!  Additionally, if you’re looking for some dinner recipes to go with these desserts, check out our blog.



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