Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies?  These delicious sweets are a staple of Christmastime, and they’re my favorite things to bake all year long!  In today’s blog, I’ll give the recipes for 5 of my favorite Christmas cookies you can make with your family this year!

peanut butter cookiesPeanut Butter Blossoms

These might be my favorite cookie of all time.  The Hershey’s Kiss in the center paired with the peanut butter is one of the best possible combinations.  You’ll have a blast making these cookies.  Check out the recipe and give them a try!

ginger spice cookiesGinger Spice Christmas Cookies

I think regular gingerbread is excellent, but why not try to spice it up this year?  These ginger spice cookies are delicious!  So, if you’re wanting a new take on the ginger cookie, give these a try!  Here’s the recipe; give them a go!

pecan shortbreadPecan Shortbread Christmas Cookies

I feel that shortbread cookies are one of the most underrated varieties of cookies.  So, if you want to branch out from the usual types of cookies this year, I’d highly recommend this recipe!

jam thumbprint cookiesNutty Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Aren’t these cookies beautiful?  Well, they’re delicious too!  Surprisingly easy to make, your family will love these little sweets!  You can even choose your favorite jam flavors to go in the middle of them, so I can imagine these are some of the most customizable cookies.  Check out the recipe and give them a try!

chocolate biscottiDouble Chocolate Biscotti

These cookies are probably the best design to dip in a mug.  They’re rich, crisp, dry, and crunchy, so they’re perfect for a good dunk in a cup of warm milk!  So, if you’re looking for the ideal cookie to serve with a warm beverage, look no further than this double chocolate biscotti!  Here’s the recipe; give them a try!

I hope you have a wonderful time baking these cookies!  I’m sure you and your family will love them!  Also, be sure to leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

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